Photographer Program

Want to make 10% profit on photo card orders without doing anything?

Photography is an art form and all artist are diferent.  You may love creating your own photo card designs or you may prefer the simple option of referring clients to a trusted partner that will handle your digital images with care. Our business has grown solely on word of mouth and client requests so far and we see growing demands for unique personalized photo stationery, including obviously Birth Announcements but also, Christmas Cards, notepads, personalized notecards for mom and grandma, etc.  We have had the good fortune to partner with many talented photographers and are looking to expand in that area.
Our prices are VERY competitive (usually less than TinyPrints online and almost half of what clients would pay in a custom retail stationery store) AND we provide custom designs at no additional charge.  We always credit the photographer on the back of the card providing free advertising and allow photographer input on card designs for your clients if desired (rather than them taking digital images to COSTCO!).   In our experience so far, this arrangement has resulted a win, win, win for the photographer, the client and Fresh Dirt Designs.

What's In It For You?

Free Advertising
We understand the risk of letting your digital rights go and we always credit the photographer on photo cards.  Many of our clients order 200 to 300 holiday cards or birth announcemnts that get mailed to precious friends and family in your area.  What better advertising than a full bleed card showing off loved ones?

10% Profit
Refer your clients to Fresh Dirt and recieve 10% commision on their photo card order without doing anything.  If you wish to have design input or help your cleint to select the perfect photo and minimal design, feel free but there is no need.  We will take careful steps to ensure quality and client satisfaction.  This percentage may not seem like much on a single order but they can really add up over a season.  Also, we have found that other photographers were simply very satisfied to have control over how their image was being used and credited.

Designs that Focus on the Photo
We offer many designs to choose from but also love the full bleed photo card.  When the photo really conveys its own message and feelings, you simply don't need additional design elements.  Your clients can pick from a number of full bleed styles with minimal text message and family names.  Plus, if they don't see what they are looking for or need help we offer custom design services based on the photo included in the per card price.  We always print full color on evry side and inclued additional photos on the back at no extra charge. 

A Real Relationship
When we say we would like to partner with photographers we mean it!  We welcome your input and advice and listen to your design preferences In additional to the 10% profit on referred photo card orders, we will happily send you samples sets to show your clients.  You can select the designs or just send some of your favorite photos and we'll print cards using your photography.  We've learned that it's important for clients to touch and feel the quality and see how the ink lays down on the card stock.  It was very important to us to find a quality digital ink printer where the process with toner does not leave a sheen.  Also, if desired we would be happy to help with your business needs for logos, business cards, and marketing materials at a discount rate.  As your business grows, so may ours!

Get More Info or Get Started by contacting Catherine at or 1-888-282-4002.

*Wholesale relationships are alsoavailable for high volume photographers.