Founder and Creative Directer of Fresh Dirt Designs
My name is Catherine and I'm the founder and creative director of Fresh Dirt Designs. People always ask about the name so I'll share - Fresh Dirt represents the pairing of opposites (new and old, elegant and rustic) and the 'latest dirt' as in gossip like who's getting married or having a baby.

Born out of a passion for entertaining—with a willing family and two supper clubs to practice on, Fresh Dirt has grown into a custom stationery and gift boutique that helps you celebrate life's big milestones, holidays and every day in between with style.

Fresh Dirt Golden RetrieversIt’s the joy of creating for clients who I consider friends with two Golden Retrievers curled up under my feet juxtaposed against the long hours and occasional late nights that is my energy. Because in contrast I find inspiration. And that’s why you’ll find me using silver and crystal outdoors, mixing china with a rustic wood table, and pairing a traditional monogram note with a photo and cherished quote.

Invitations and photo cards imprint a lasting impression on each recipient and capture precious family memories. I'd love to hear about where you find your inspiration and help you bring your vision to life on paper.