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Deborah - BEFORE she found Fresh Dirt

I looked for weeks and never found just the right card.

Deborah - AFTER she found Fresh Dirt

My husband and I love the card...the paper weight, the quality of the photo reproduction, the matte finish,
the design, the personal service and prompt delivery. Thank you so much.

Karen - BEFORE she found Fresh Dirt

I have to admit, I'm known for always doing a "beautiful & unique card each year".
People tell me I can't wait to get your card each year. I feel a little pressure

Karen - AFTER she found Fresh Dirt

I LOVE it! it's absolutely beautiful... I'm so excited. You are so sweet and accommodating.
So easy to work with, such a pleasure! 

Tired of searching online like Deborah?  Do you feel a little pressure like Karen?  Do you have discerning taste and a love for beautiful cards and invitations?  Then you are in the right place!

Whether you are looking for the perfect birth announcement, your first family Christmas card or that oh so special engagement party invitation for your only daughter, we've got your back.  You can choose your own colors, fonts and back panel design OR let us handle all the details of your personalized stress-free experience.

Request a free design consult about your special event.  You know that sending out a photo card, invitation, or announcement is about creating an impression...


About Fresh Dirt | Catherine Venable

"Fresh Dirt is an incredible outlet for me to be able to share my love of rustic hand carafted design and traditional social paper.  I created this business because I couldn't find Christmas Cards for my own family and realized many of my friends were in the same position.  The growth and development of Fresh Dirt allows me to continue to be a full time mom and fulfill my creative passion and unending desire to learn, grow and create new relationships.  I look forward to helping you create a memorable impression by bringing your vision to life on luxe social paper."

Let's Connect! 

I just may answer the phone!  But, if I miss you I will call back by the next busniess day.


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 Read more about the early days...


How it all started in 2010...

Fresh Dirt Designs was created by two cousins, Catherine Venable and Taryn Owens.

(Taryn left Fresh Dirt in 2014 to spend more time with her children.  She still does part time freelance design work.)

Catherine's prior experience includes over 10 years of project management, software development and marketing services in the public and private sectors. Taryn's career includes 15 years of graphic design and corporate advertising experience. Their combined skills and business experience ensure proven creative processes and customer satisfaction.

The co-owners of Fresh Dirt Designs share roots in small town Alabama and a large love of family and friends. Growing up they spent time together at their grandparents home over summers and holidays where they learned about the simple pleasures life has to offer. They believe that life is not only about your accomplishments, but also about the relationships you develop and how you treat others on a daily basis.

Grown with families of their own now, they still cling to those values and roots. Having a strong sense of traditional southern style, a love of rustic design and most of all, fun! They feel privileged to share designs with friends, both new and old, and to help celebrate special memories from births to retirement parties and every milestone in between for you and yours.  Custom design requests have been the foundation of growth for the website offereings and they are always up for a new challenge.

One of the reasons they started Fresh Dirt (and by the way did you get it?  the Fresh Dirt is the latest news, gossip, who's getting married, had a baby or turned 50!!) is that they could not find Christmas cards they really liked.  Knowing that there was a growing need for cool modern photo stationery at a reasonable price, they set up shop and grew the business soley on word of mouth.  Even though the business has grown,  they still operate on the same principal of giving clients the quality, service and value they want for themselves.  They strive to keep overhead to a minimum and pass the savings on to their clients.

They love to hear from customers!  Please feel free to send feedback!

Life is good.  Live it.  Love it.  Share it.